Food Industry Economics

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Series of webinars of the scientific and technical library of ONAFT

Dear colleagues, we invite you to participate in vebinarh of STL.

The webinar will take place using the Zoom resource. Links are sent the day before the event.

To get a link to the webinar, please register.

Inclusion of the journal in the scientometric indexing base "Sherpa Romero"


We bring to Your attention a useful resource - Lens. org

The scientific platform allows you to search for patents and scientific content. The platform is free and can be used without restrictions.

We bring to Your attention a useful resource - Search for the Cyrillic alphabet in Latin

Often there is a situation when the text contains characters of a different alphabet. Some characters of the Latin alphabet cannot be visually distinguished from the Cyrillic alphabet. For example, the characters A, C, P, E, etc.. This resource will help you in solving this problem.

We bring to Your attention a useful resource for checking DOI in scientific sources

You can use the official Crossref resource to check DOI numbers in publications (articles, monographs, books, etc.).