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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012


Samofatova V.

Key words: sustainable development;the concept of sustainable development;agri-food sphere (AFS);the principles of sustainable development;strategy

Page: 3-7


The article highlights the historical preconditions and principles of sustainable development of the agri-food sphere. The analysis of the evolution of the categorical content of sustainable development is carried out. It has been noted that the main ideology of sustainable development is the integration and harmonization of the ecological, economic and social spheres of society. It is shown that the concept of sustainable development has an interdisciplinary character, so it should be considered in many aspects and studied from different angles. The basic advantages of sustainable development for the agri-food sphere are outlined.


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DOI: 10.15673/fie.v9i3.618

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