Экономика пищевой промышленности

Food Industry

ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012


Angelov G.;Dmytrashko S.

Key words: business communication;business communication model;manager;group;chat;socionics;modern business communication

Page: 70-75


The article clarified the specifics of business communication, which is manifested in the fact that the
interaction, social regulation should be carried out in the legal field should be regulated by national traditions
and cultural norms. Analyzed model of business communications: a model of competition, dominance model,
partnership model. The use of these models depends on the interests, feelings sides of business communication
and leads to solving problems: cooperation or overcoming partner interests. Psychological features of
activity of individuals and group interaction is an important factor in the efficient organization of business
processes. Socionics recommendations allow you to organize groups for the successful implementation of
the tasks, to rally the team, strengthen the core of the management hierarchy, to establish relationships in
the group, to prepare a reserve. Mastering knowledge intertype relations will greatly improve the business
communication of the modern manager. The most common form of business communication is a conversation.
Properly organized, sophisticated conversation will provide quality information for decision-calibrated
solutions. Equally important is the free conversation method, which involves the development of emotional
intelligence in the modern manager. With the rapid development of the information society will be actively
used electronic resource for business communication, both within the nation-state, and in terms of global
interoperability. Information technology creates a new format of business communication in the framework of
Ukrainian organizations and multinational corporations, which are powerful in the global economy.
The article deals with the specifics of business communication. Defined model of business communication.
Spend socionics analysis of recommendations for the creation of conditions for effective activities of
the group and successful communication subjects of business process.


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