Экономика пищевой промышленности

Food Industry

ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012


Kuprina N

Key words: food industry;associations of enterprises;private activities;united activities;the system of indicators;the working efficiency;performance evaluati

Page: 19-26


The aim of the article is to analyze the work of scientists estimated effectiveness of the company and the creation of their associationsand the formation of a system of indicators to assess the effectiveness of this to ensure their effective functioning in modern conditions. During the research used the methods of: the system analysis, comparative analysis (analysis of approaches to an estimation of the effectiveness of both separate enterprises and their associations, and the advisability of their creation); system analysis and syn-thesis (for the formation of a system of indicators to assess the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole and their associations); methods of theoretical generalization (for the research and selection of the conceptual apparatus of categories "private enterprise activity", \'оwn operating activities of the enterprise " united activity of the enterprise, "justification formed by the system of indicators” to assess the efficiency of enterprises and their associations). The investigations confirmed that the scientific publications of scientists devoted to as-sessing the effectiveness of activities, as a separate enterprise, and their associations, have confirmed many different approaches designed that can be used for their assessment tools in order to ensure the effective-ness of their activities, but can also be used other methods such as a method of estimation of persistence of the company proposed and justified by the author. To evaluate the effectiveness of their own enterprises and their associations, a system is, exponent, which should cover not only its own activities of the enterprise and its separate kinds but also to estimate the effectiveness of the functioning of each of the plurality of compa-nies that make up the agribusinessformation and activities of the entire association as a wholetaking into account the actions the principle of transparency..
Scientific novelty consists in the development and formation of the system of indicators for assessing the effectiveness of enterprises, in particular the food industry and their associations, which are highlighted the category "private activity of the enterprise" and "united activity of the enterprise." The results are aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of functioning and competitiveness of the domestic producers of food products and food and economic security of Ukraine


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