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Food Industry

ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012

Volome 10 Issue 1

Cluster development of the agri-food sphere of the southern region: the foreign economic activity aspect

Samofatova V.

Reality today of the present and prospects of development of touristic business of the Odessa region

Dobrianska N.; Stoyanova - Koval S.; Nikoliuk O.

Integration mechanisms of development of ukrainian market of bread and bakery products

Nikishina O.; Bibikova N.

Current assets of the enterprise: theoretical and practical aspects

Kuprina N.; Chernenko I.

Adaptiveness as a key factor of competitiveness of an enterprise

Lipova O.; Cherevata T.

Features of risk assessment of industrial enterprises activities

Basіurkina N.; Shaleny V.

The marketing strategy substantiation of the market type agrarian enterprise development

Yevtushok O.; Lipova O.; Bakhchivanzhi V.

Theoretical bases of branding of rural territories of southern region

Pavlova I.

The role of information technologies in the management of the enterprise

Pchelianska H.; Vaskovska K.; Pcheliansky D.

Financial policy and budget security of Ukraine

Tarasova O.

Features of accounting and analysis of activity expenditure in vineyard companies

Yevtushevska O.; Khamardyuk A.

Development of managerial accounting: historical and practical aspect

Kuprina N.; Rudiuk I.

Aspects of the account of calculations with buyers and customers for finished products in modern conditions

Markova T.; Strepenyuk M.; Rymar H.

The peculiarities of debts receivable accounting according to the national and international standards: a comparative aspect

Stupnytska T.; Volodina O.; Vasylieva Yu.