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Food Industry

ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012

Volome 9 Issue 4

Activity of food industry enterprises of Odessa region: state and trends of development

Kuprina N.; Baraniuk Kh.

Anticrisis regulation of export-import activity of Ukranian wine-making

Bondarenko S.; Rummo V.; Niziaeva V.

The estimation of influence of out-of-balance intangible assets on the enterprise market value

Melnyk Y.; Volodina O.; Lantsman O.

Estimation of the risk level of the activity at the baking industry enterprises in long-term period

Shaleny V.A.

Research on application of development strategies at the enterprises of the wine industry

Ageieva I.; Agarkova O.

Legal enforcement of the competitiveness of the meat-processing enterprises products in the european market

Diachenko Y.

The analysis of viticulture and winemaking problems in Ukraine management of the industry development

Kalaman O.; Zborshik D.

Management of startups in Ukraine: problems and prospects

Kolesnik V.

Management of professional-qualification development of employees in winery industries

Sedikova I.

Investment potential of Ukraine and the possibilities of its use

Nemchenko V.; Nemchenko G.

Analysis of directions of innovative development of vineyard companies

Selikhov S.

State regulation of innovation-oriented development of the food industry of Ukraine

Khrypiuk V.

The value added tax and its role in the formation of revenues of the state budget of Ukraine

Oshchepkov O.; Shkepu V.

Features of accounting cost of production in the wine making industry

Yevtushevska O.; Evseeva E.; Pryimak V.

The analysis of theoretical approaches concerning determination of monetary means according to the accounting standards

Stupnytska T.; Volodina O.; Martynovska O.